Veterans Program

The Williamsport Community Woodshop’s (a project of Factory Works, a 501 (c) 3 non profit corporation) Veterans Program was created by Tim Higgins, 101st Airborne Division (retired) to serve the region’s Veterans community that have been honorably discharged so that they can be around other Veterans that have been through the same experience of war and peacetime military service. It welcomes members with physical disabilities as well as PTSD and all others who have served our country. It is a donation based program. The Veterans Program provides funding to cover the cost for Veterans of the Woodshop’s mandatory safety class as well as provides for discounted memberships.

Goals For The Program

  • Provide skills and knowledge of woodworking
  • Build self-esteem
  • Improve fine and gross motor skills
  • Advance focus and attention to details
  • Develop interests as a means to dealing with life’s stresses
  • Learn to operate a CNC router and laser engraver for job skills

Community Services

  • To provide help to any Veteran in need
  • To give back to the community
  • To give support to all fellow service members
  • To create a network of friends, contacts, and organizations willing to help any way they can


  • Director of Program: Tim Higgins 570-506-6498
  • Woodshop Director: Paul Derr 272-215-2177
  • Woodshop Liaison: Dr. Betsy Kimberling 570-220-7300
  • Woodshop Manager: Ken Andrus 570-419-0794